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Finevare, is a comprehensive industry-strength software solution to support banks in IFRS compliance and credit process. It embeds IFRS Best Practice based on the combined expertise and experience of the Deloitte EMEA IFRS 9 Task Force.

It provides a path that supports all aspects of the transition to IFRS 9, from fast-track impact assessments through to a robust software platform that can be embedded in the bank’s operational IT infrastructure for the longer-term.

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Analytics and compliance

IFRS and credit risk management with Finevare

Risk and Finance integration

Finevare supports an integrated modular approach for data management, provisioning,  reporting, accounting and can be further leveraged for business-driven benefits stimulating Risk and Finance integration. It is an open solution that integrates with the bank’s proprietary quantitative models as well as 3rd party models.

Proven solution

Finevare has been successfully developed and implemented by Deloitte for over 10 years, applying the international experience in software development and production-level client support.

Finevare Highlights

Expertise. Experience. Solution. Delivery.

Delivered by Deloitte’s best specialists in IFRS and risk management.

Deloitte-approved IFRS compliance solution for banking book.

First-class advisory going in parallel with robust software.

One source of truth for Risk, Finance and Business Departments.

Constant support from our technical team and subject-matter experts.

Cost-effective implementation with no change to the core systems.

Finevare reach

Foundation for the current comprehensive solution is our thorough and systematic approach to IFRS implementation. Experience built on multiple projects makes the software robust, flexible, and transparent for the end users.


General Features

Risk Management solution

We have developed a comprehensive, flexible architecture to support risk management and use of single risk data mart.

10 years of experience

10 years experience of implementation of financial instruments accounting under IFRS is embedded in the software. Finevare modules are well matured and robust data warehouse.

IFRS compliance for banking book

Loan impairment, amortized cost, and fair value measurement are the original modules that solve the most challenging areas of IFRS accounting for banking book.

IFRS 9 ready

Finevare embeds lifetime expected loss modelling and enables consideration of macroeconomic sensitivity as well as three phase approach to credit life cycle.

Open, documented, configurable by business users

Finevare is professional, well built software, accompanied with end user’s and technical guides. No „black box”, no hardcoded parameters.

Add-on to the existing architecture

Finevare operating model sets and follows the best market practices: no changes to core systems or GL, and no analytical operations on data warehouse.

Analytics, back testing and stress testing

NPL valuation, portfolio credit risk, and stress testing fully utilize analytical architecture of FInevare that supports ad-hoc definition and calculation of multiple scenarios, in parallel with usual operations.

Client rating/scoring and early warning

Client rating/scoring and early warning were added as new functional blocks that support a client monitoring process.